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Tacos in “TJ,” Mexico

I’ve been on the road with Delaney Davidson for a few days and last night we headed across to Tijuana, where Delaney had a gig. Tijuana is a Mexican city of around 1.5 million crammed up against the edge of the America, on the other side of the world’s busiest border crossing. Tijuana has a reputation for gang-related killings and kidnappings, as well as theft and dodgy cops, so I was a bit wary about taking my video camera across there. But then a camera’s worth nothing sitting in a suitcase, so I tucked it under my jacket and off we went to Mexico. I was glad I took it – shortly after crossing the border our local friends took us to their favourite roadside taco stand – and…well, hopefully this video sums up our experience of Tijuana, or “T.J.” as it’s affectionately known by the locals. Whatever else it may be, Tijuana is also a bustling cultural capital, full of music and good food and I really look forward to going back one day.



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  1. Nice clip man, they look damn tasty.


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