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Overland LA to Texas

I’ve just traveled over 1500 miles overland, from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, in a Chevy van with John Egenes.

Four days on the road watching the desert flying past, calling in at dusty little towns and strange curiosities but mostly just doing long miles across the forbidding wilderness. The highlights for me were the big Wild West desert country along the California/Arizona border and the wide plains as New Mexico stretched out towards Texas.

This is a grand, vast landscape. When a train passes in the difference, you can see the whole train at once (this is a novelty for someone for New Zealand, when you usually only see handfuls of carriages at a time.) In this country, trains, even ones that stretch for well over a mile, become tiny models on a giant movie set. It’s awe-inspiring.

Of course you’ve gotta stop and see some of the tourist attractions – here’s John “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona,” and below that, examining the evidence at the Roswell International UFO museum and research Center.

standin on the cornerjohn roswell

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  1. Two words…Breaking Bad…if I was going through New Mexico I would be consumed with images of Walt and Jesse scrambling around in the dust and sand. You are doing a dream trip, once in a lifetime stuff.

    • They are just finishing up the final season of BB in Albuquerque, where we stayed for a night – There’s a bakery there that sell blue crystal iced donuts! Albuquerque loves Breaking Bad, people say it’s really captured the essence of the city

  2. …hope John took you to the Range cafe best feed I’ve had in years…stayed next door to one when I passed thru Alb’ a few years back… pre-Breaking Bad…but saw a coupla youths cuffed at gun point at the service station across the road…wild west indeed!…long may yoour fun continue, Bill…so jealous I could spit!…: ) T


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