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Well I’ve been a bit lazy on the blog posts sorry – Donna Dean and the band and I have been all across Texas and into Oklahoma, soaking up America’s bible belt heartland and all the wonders therein. In order to compensate I’ll attempt to condense the last week or two into a paragraph…

Chicken fried steak. Hot shit Telecaster players in empty Austin clubs. Billboards. A patriotic love of assault weapons. Biscuits and gravy. Super 8 motels. Waffles shaped like Texas. Guitars shaped like Texas. Police in Stetsons. The smell of crude oil drifting across the flat landscape as the lights of oil derricks twinkle in the darkness. 100 degree summer heat. Whitetail deer grazing on the roadside. Walmart. Cicadas the size of small birds crushed against the windscreen. Pickup trucks. John Fullbright’s Gawd Above. Bill and Bonnie Hearne. Merle. La Grange and the Bugle Boy. Churches. Boots. Texas flags and stuffed rattlesnakes. Huevos rancheros and bottomless coffee. Ranches the size of small countries. Cattle and cotton. The desert.

Here’s a video I made of a memorable stay in Sweetwater Texas…Trust me, this is worth seven minutes of your day!

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  1. ….yeeeeha…Bill….yeeeeeha….


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