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Pauline Bellamy – Hinterland Artwork

Pauline bellamy ruruLate last year I was trying to figure out what image to put on the front of my new album, “Hinterland.” About that time, I was asked to play a fundraising concert for a Solomon Island flood relief fund that a friend was putting on. Included in the night were art exhibits, including the work of Dunedin’s Pauline Bellamy. I was immediately struck by the stark simplicity of Pauline’s work, and the way her etchings seemed to summon up the ghost of the wind. I asked her to do the album cover and to my very good fortune she agreed.

artwork_disc copy

My only creative direction to Pauline was that I was thinking of a morepork, or ruru (New Zealand’s native owl) for the cover – a reference to a lyric from “Remnants of Ruminants.” Pauline and her husband John have a house in St Bathans, up in Central Otago, and on her regular trips up there Pauline began painting the landscape around her. Painting the cover for my album grew into a run of work exploring the “Hinterland” theme, and the result was this beautiful series of paintings.

It’s pretty thrilling for me to see another artist interpret the spirit of the Hinterland that inspired me, in a different medium, and to see that spirit captured so beautifully. When I saw all these paintings displayed at the Bellamy’s gallery, I felt like I could have chosen any one of them as the cover for my album

pauline bellame windmill

pauline bellamy house on loop

In a couple of weeks we are doing an album launch at Taste Merchants in Dunedin and some of these works will be on display, tastefully framed and available to purchase. (They are also available to purchase direct from Bellamy’s). I’m lucky enough to have the original “Hinterland”cover at home, something I will keep and treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you Pauline.

hinterland cover framed small

New album, “Hinterland” imminent.

In the next few weeks ‘ll be releasing my new album, “Hinterland.” Keep an eye out for it – I’m thrilled with the work producer/engineer John Egenes and engineer Danny Buchanan have done to bring these songs to life and the amazing playing from everyone involved. I’m simultaneously releasing the album in Europe and will perform a string of New Zealand album launch dates later in the year. It’s hard to know what to do about an album launch and I have opted for a “soft launch,” and will be gradually feeding the album out to the world over the next few weeks in the hope that people might get a chance to have a good listen before I take the material around the country, probably about August or September.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the beautiful cover art, a painting by Pauline Bellamy of MacAndrew Bay in Dunedin..

Hinterland album cover artwork smalla

For more about Pauline and her family’s work, check out their gallery website..

And if you haven’t already seen it, here’s the first single off the album. Video by Christopher Tegg