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Heavy metal dreaming in Adelaide

Last time I was in Adelaide I was 17 and had been working on a sheep and grain farm north of here, driving tractors through the long hot Australian summer.

I came down to Adelaide to see Metallica play. I remember getting there early so I could make the front row; feel the rush of air from the speakers when Lars hit the kick drum and see Kirk Hammett shredding up the neck just metres away. Quite a moment for a 17 year-old country boy out in the big world for the first time.
The next day I caught a bus for the long overland trip to Sydney and as I gazed out at the country rolling by I decided that when I returned to Adelaide it would be as part of world-dominating hardcore industrial metal band, in which I would be the guitar god rock star.

metal god

My next job was at another farm near Mudgee and one of the first things I did on a trip to town was walk down the main street, past the farm supply shops and tractor saleyards to the music store, where I proudly bought myself a $300 Ibanez electric guitar, in black.

And now here I am, back in Adelaide for the first time after a decade and a half away , returning not as a tattooed, seven-string ESP-wielding metal god, but as a f***** folk singer.

Funny how things works out.